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Hi everyone,

My account says I have no more data to use. However, it still haven't use my rollover and my upgrade data that I see when I check my account. Fizz didn't use those and just started using my monthly plan. Is that normal ? How can I access those rollovers and those upgrade data ? I see them but they have just ignored them for the past few months.

Thank you

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    Rollover should be used first, unless you gave data to a friend (then it's taken from your monthly data)

    Contact customer service to check with them:

    Open the page, click on the green dot at the bottom right, then the chat option, it's the fastest way to reach them.

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    Hello ffflor,
    I am sorry for the situation encountered,
    I have verified your account and I can see that you have contacted us in private.
    We have escalated a ticket for this issue.
    Please, verify your email. 
    The ticket can be seen in your Fizz account> Overview.
    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good one!

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