Month data carry over... seems to have a bug for me.

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How do I get this resolved?

Today is the first day of my new cycle... and my carried over data is already missing almost 10GB.

It's clear how much I 've used from carried over data from the previous cycle through my billing...

But If I just started... at 23.43GB.... then I shouldn't this far gone.

How can I get this properly checked and retrieve this lost data?

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    Hello Belizeboy,
    I hope this message finds you well.

    If you think that something does not add up with your data consumption, you can always verify it on your phone, and compare it to the consumption on your Fizz account. 
    If you need help with this process, or the amounts are still not similar, please feel free to contact us on the live chat, and we will be more than happy to look into it together. To contact us on the live chat, you need to access one of our FAQs, this one for example , go to the lower right corner of the screen, click on the (?) question mark and then on the three dots which represent the live chat. 

    Have a good one!


  • Alexsolo
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    Some data expires after 2-3 months. See below on how to check the data rollover details.

    What is a Rollover and how does it work? | Fizz


    How do I know when my rolled over data will expire?

    Each batch of rolled over data will expire after two (2) complete payment cycles, and this even if you change your plan.

    To see when a Rollover will expire:

    1. Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
    2. Under the plan you wish to view (if you have more than one) click on See Usage.
    3. This will open the Usage screen, which lists all your gifts, Add-Ons, Rollovers, etc.
    4. The blue arrow will tell you which data bucket you are currently using.
    5. On the right hand side you can see how many days are left for your Rollover.


    Does my rolled over data instantly expire when I change my plan?

    Of course not. You keep your rolled over data for two (2) complete payment cycles even if you change your plan during that time, and even if that new plan has no data.

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    I had the same issue at the start of my current month, but the available amount was correctly calculated (but I don't know how it calculated the total amount).

    Is the 15.26GB the correct amount for you (actual carryover amount+new allocation-usage this month)?

    If you go to the usage screen (click on Usage on the first picture), you can go back to last month to verify that 15.26GB is correct.

  • Belizeboy
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    I did indeed do the math, the amount seems off, considering i used roughly 12GB, which does not match my missing 8GB of data.

    So maybe there is a bug somewhere?

    Things do not match up and it not expired data.

    Or maybe, I'm really not doing the math right?

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    Can we see the same screenshots for the previous cycle as well?

  • Belizeboy
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    Here is the previous month.

    And the daily as well.

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