I'm unable to send message to the client service

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I have a lot of problem right now with my internet. I'm also not able to ask the client service the problem. I'm not also really bad with computer.

What can I do ?

I have a problem that happen sometimes only for some PC, there connection go to like 0-1Ko/s for sometimes 1 hour or even more. I share my connection to the same router from my phone and the connection is really good, but direct connect not...

Also, my router sometimes restart for no reason. I'm in a work meeting and I'm just disconnect for like 5 min, because also that routeur is really slow to start....

My last problem, all messages I send to client service from app are not send. They appear with a red warning icon. That happen since 2-3 weeks maybe or more. I've also lost all my history conversation with them....

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