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I want to ensure that my cellphone will function in the United States. I have the United States plan but I have not yet received my new SIM cards as Fizz has confirmed there have been delays.

Will my phone work in the United States?

Thank you.

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    @Shane P.

    Your phone will work for DATA with the old SIM card, as well as the New SIM card. Once Fizz launches VoLTE, your New SIM card will allow you to make Voice calls using the 4G LTE networks. If you are going to the United States for a substantial period of time, you should install the New SIM card before you leave. So if Fizz launches VoLTE while you are in the USA, you will have access to calls over the LTE networks.

    In the meantime, you may have access to voice calls through T-Mobile's 2G network. See a post on the forum that will help you make 2G calls, if ever T-Mobile's 2G network is available.

    But no matter what your plans are, you should consider also using social media apps Messenger, FaceTime, Google Duo (MEET), WhatsApp, SKYPE for your communications. These are work with DATA.


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