Can I please get help getting my stolen money back?

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I've been a loyal customer of Fizz for almost 3 years now. They have excellent phone plans and I haven't really had any issues with them. I've also seen they had expanded to the internet service a while ago. I've seen many internet advertisements and finally decided to try them out. I thought to myself "I shouldn't have any problems. Right? I've been with them for so long and frankly, their service should reflect that with the internet service." Well, I was dead wrong. I was about to get a lot of money stolen, a lot of stress, a lot of time wasted, and little to no help.

Firstly, I get a notification from Fizz saying that there's a problem with my payment method for my internet. If I don't fix it before my next cycle, I will lose internet service. I go on the website and attempt to put in my first card and it's stuck on the loading screen. So I thought "Maybe something is wrong with my card. Let me try my other card." I try my other card and I have the same problem. I thought okay, let me try again in a few days, maybe there's some issue with the website. I try again in a few days with no results. I decided to go to customer service and even figuring that out was a little hard. I get in touch with a representative with Fizz through their chatting service and they tell me they've created a ticket for my issue. They've also told me it was prioritized and should be resolved soon. I waited 2 days and no update and my internet plan were about to get suspended. I'm a college student studying from home so the internet is mandatory every day. So I decided to take the matter into my hands and delete my card and reenter and surprisingly it worked! Finally! Although I did think it was a little odd that I didn't receive any help from Fizz even though my issue was "prioritized" I was just happy I had solved my issue. What I didn't know that something much bigger was about to hit me.

Secondly, I was charged 8x for my internet plan. 5x on my second card and 3x on my first card. Remember all the times it was stuck on loading when I put in my cards? It was actually charging my card every single time. I'm a struggling college student. I have a lot of bills to pay and I'm barely making it. Fizz is especially advertised in my college so I thought they'd understand. Now, all of a sudden I have a total of 600$ charges from Fizz and my bank is demanding me to pay. Mind you, I've also got exams and quizzes to worry about on top of my bills and now the bank. I contact Fizz and they tell me the same thing. I was baffled! They've told me that they've created another "prioritized" ticket on my account for this issue. Keep in mind, my previous "priority" ticket was still open and it's been almost two weeks at that point. So a few days ago, I finally get an email saying that they've refunded me for all the additional charges. However, they've only refunded my second card (5x on the 22nd). My first card hasn't gotten refunded (3x charge). I just feel taken advantage off because if I didn't notice it myself, I would've lost 600$.

Thirdly, it says on the website that my bill for the internet has a charge of 0$ so I don't understand why I'm even getting charged. Therefore I'm getting 640$ stolen.

I'm just extremely dissatisfied with the service. I just want my money back and probably going to change my internet services. Probably the worst and most stressful experience I've had and I usually don't make a big deal out of things. If it was one charge or two I would've been understanding but this is 640$ and I'm barely even making it. I'm losing money that I NEED for my day-to-day life. Please, I'm just so tired. This is my 3rd time writing to you guys please take it seriously.

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    Hello inatah,

    Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear about this experience that you went through, and I can assure you that at Fizz, we are respecting our customers, and we are always looking towards help them and resolving this kind of situations. 

    I can assure you that that the situation was handled on our side, and the refunds were issued towards you, and if you need more details, I can see that you sent us an e-mail and you will receive an answer shortly, with more details. 

    You will hear from us soon, so we can discuss the situation. Have a good one!


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