I'm paying 60$ for 120mbps but now it's 53$

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Am I able to get it at 53 and do I keep my perks? And does it stay at 53$?

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    Hello hello jonathan L. 3175 !

    Issuing a plan change will not strip you of your perks and once put in the request to change the plan the price will stay until you do another plan change.

    Have care however as the plan change feature is available until the last 4.5 days, 108 hours, of the plan since during those days the plan enters what we call it "Freeze Period". It's a time period during which no changes can be done to any of our plans until the new cycle rolls in.

    Here is our policy in regards to this along with the FAQ about changing your internet plans: 
    Policy: Plan change policy | Fizz
    Plan Change for Home Internet Plans: I would like to change my Fizz Home Internet plan. How do I do this? | Fizz

    Just go into your account---->My Plans---->Press the Manage Plan button that is on the internet plan---->Adjust Plan. After that the process will start and walk you through the steps. 

    Have a good one!


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