My Router is not working

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After yesterday's light storm, My router does want to turn on. I plug it into different electric plug. Same result. and I can't join Fizz because their bloody (?) is not appearing on the FAQ page.

Can someone provide me with a way to contact Fizz Technical team to send me a new router?

In a nutshell, I do have the internet at home.

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    Hello @Yannick T. #25412,

    Sorry to hear about that!

    I've noticed you've already contacted us on a private communication channel, and a technician appointment has been set. As for the chat bubble, make sure that you're logged into your Fizz account then access any FAQ page such as, and it should show on the bottom right.

    If there's anything else we can do for you, we remain at your disposal!

    Have a good one, cheers!



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