Communication in case of an outage?

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Dear Fizz, 

So like many people on this forum, I had a service interruption this morning for a few hours. At first I thought something was wrong with my phone, maybe out of data, or an unpaid bill? Apparently my plan didn't allow me to make local calls... Tried to login, couldn't. No message on Fizz website, everything was apparently operational.... so I basically had no way of contacting your team to find out what was going on, was it just me, was it widespread, were you aware/working on it, and how long?

Thankfully everything is back to normal now, but Customer service is telling me that in case of a service interruption, to contact them via Chat... but if I can't login to my account to initiate a chat, there is no email address (and obviously no phone number)... so yeah.

Please don’t get me wrong, I like Fizz, I like your plans and would really like to remain a customer. But I think you need to work on messaging your clients when service is down. How about sending an email, or if you can't then just post a general message on the website? Please?

 Just a suggestion ;-)

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    Hello Gabriel C. 48543,
    I am really sorry for the situation encountered,
    There was a short interruption of mobile service this morning (Data, calls and SMS) for some Fizz customers, however, the service is now re-established.
    Fizz apologizes for the inconvenience this may be causing you.
    We are working on a system to communicate to our customers when there are maintenance works that take longer than usual. The usual time is 2h however this update also impacted the services for a while and the technical team resolved it as soon as possible.
    If you want to reach us via chat, you can do that even if you are not connected to your account.
    You can go to this FAQ:
    Click on the chat bubble and you will not be asked to log in. 
    We appreciate your feedback and we are working on improving our communication with the customers.
    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good one!


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    @Gabriel C. 48543

    You are right as a customer, it would be a good thing for all customers who are going through the same situation and would allow them to find a plan B temporarily. If it's asked with kindness, like you, things can get better.

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