(Travel) I can't tedt even if I have funds in my account...

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I'm currently travelling in Europe and I decided to add 2 $ to my account so I could text my friend/family. I see I have a balance of 2$, but I'm unable to text :c

I'm on Android and I use Messages. I have mobile data turned off

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  • If your data is off i don't understand how you can send message? If your are using WiFi data don't matter but if you use data u know to deactivate your plane mode no?

  • Basically, I want to send a SMS to my friend. Back in Quebec, I was able to send SMS without mobile data (because I only have SMS in my plan)

    I don't want to use data, just send a sms :3

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    Hi @FelixNya, If you want to send text messages from Europe, I think you have to put money in your wallet and pay as you go. A text sent from Europe, for example, will cost $0.10/text. See this page for more details:https://fizz.ca/en/travel

  • I put 2 $ in my wallet.. and it doesnt work ^^;

  • I had the same problem in the UK this Summer. Other than data, i couldn’t get any pay as you go services to work in the Uk. Although we did receive phone calls for some reason., which isn’t supposed to work 🤪. Luckily, the data for messages will be very small unless you send pictures etc. Enjoy your trip!

  • I had to wait 24 hours or restarts my phone :3 (my phone died)

    Then it worked !

    There should be a message saying "after the funds are added, wait up to 24h or restarts your phone" or something >,<

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