I want to change from another provider, but I lost my phone...???

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I want to change from another provider, but I lost my phone...???

How should I proceed for the phone number transfer as I will not be able to answer the texto that is sent to confirm that transfer...

Thanks for your help

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    Hello brouleau21  ,

    I am happy to find that you still have the old SIM.
    Please know that in the situation you didn't had the SIM anymore, as long as the plan at the current provider is active, after the transfer order is submited, you can contact the current provider and explain them that you will need them to confirm the transfer for you.

    We remain available 24/7 so for any other questions you can contact us in private following the steps from this link: https://fizz.ca/en/support

    Have a great day,


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    Some providers don't ask to have a confirmation by text, so you might be able to transfer you number either way. Another option would be to tell your current provider you lost your phone, and get service running on another phone, and then port over to Fizz.

  • brouleau21
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    Forget I asked the question... We received a new phone and I still have the old SIM card.... Duh!

  • FizzyWizz
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    Glad it all worked out ! ?

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