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I have just noticed that, even though in my account it says my internet usage period has only 3 days left, Fizz has already charged me.

Am I paying for next month in advance ?


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    Hi @Diego

    This is normal, With Fizz, you pay for your plan each month via automatic pre-authorized payments planned 72 hours before the end of your payment cycle.

    Example. Your payment cycle ends on the 5th of every month. The automatic payment of your plan therefore takes place on the 2nd of the month, and your new cycle starts on the 6th.

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  • Olic
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    If you want to know how do payment cycles work :

    So, yes, it's normal!

    Have a nice day!

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    Hello @Diego0721 ,

    As our friends mentioned above, the payment is taken in advance, with 72 hours before the next cycle starts, so there is enough time to fix any payment issue if any occur - this was made since we are a prepaid service.

    Details on how the Fizz payment cycles work can be found here:

    Have a good one,


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