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I ve been waiting all day for the technician to come install my internet but nobody has shown up and i dont know who to contact.

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    Hello @Lovedeep ,

    Sorry to hear about the situation encountered.

    From what I see on your Fizz account the internet order was completed and your services are functional.

    We apologize for the technician`s delay as sometimes due to more dificult installations, their time-frames can be off-set a bit.

    Usually if a technician can`t make it to the appointment, you will have to reschedule following the details found here :

    Have a good one,



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    What was the technician time slot you have booked?

    You have the instant on Fizz website to contact Fizz

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    It was from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm. I havent received a call or anything to say what time they would be coming. I have to pick up my kids from school ive been waiting since 3:30 pm but still nothing. The time slot is so vague and there isnt any customer service number i can call to ask these questions.

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    Hi @Lovedeep

    Sorry to hear, it is possible that the technician who had an appointment with you was unable to show up due to complications with the previous installation.

    Sometimes technician are getting stoch / caught in traffic or a different place where it took longer than expected. This is why, I suggest you to take your appointment as earlier in the day as possible.

    You can reschedule another appointment yourself from the account by going to My plans → Manage my plan → Appointments. Once 24 hours have passed since the appointment's due date, the Reschedule button will appear there. You can then choose a new date and time that works best for you

    PS. You can reschedule only 24h after the missing appointment


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    When making the appointment, it is possible to have one-day periods, often faster, or to choose AM, PM or evening.

    Unfortunately, if you have selected a period of one day, you will have to remain available for this entire period :(

    Techniciens don't confirm in advance what time they will come, they can arrive any time during the selected period.

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