Why no data in England???

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I have a moto g7 play phone and I went to:










Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland

and in all the above, data worked and my phone showed what cell company I was connected to.

In England everything failed. My phone only wanted to connect to a cell network called "EE" and it wanted a password. Fizz live chat and all the online tips could not fix this. I needed to stay in touch with home so had to stop in at free wif-fi places all the time. That sucked when I'm trying to enjoy a vacation.

Next time I'll rent a portable wi-fi because I need a reliable connection.

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    Hello @nhunt ,

    Sorry to hear about the situation encountered.

    In such situations, we ask you to check if your phone is compatible with the network providers that are our partner networks in England, as sometimes it can be as simply as a compatibility issue. ( some phones require specific bands that might not be available ).

    If you are traveling and find this specific issue once more,please reach our colleagues on Live chat following these details : https://fizz.ca/en/support so our colleagues can assist further.

    Be sure that you are logged to your Fizz account before accessing this link and that you start browsing the FAQ`s so the chat bubble appears at the bottom of the page.

    This will help analyze the possible issue and escalate a ticket.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a good one,



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    You can't find a network that work by select it in manual mode?

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