How to change plan between Fizz chips

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I lost my phone and bought a new Fizz chip, but every time I try to activate it directs me to buy a new plan. What also happens is that the “change my chip” page has a bug that obligates the users to buy a chip before activating (red toast). How to activate the chip without buying anything?

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    Hello felipegerhardt  ,

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    Following the verifications in your account I see that you already contacted us in our live chat and an agent made the change SIM.
    We remain available 24/7 so you can us whenever you need, following the steps from this link:
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    Here's how to configurate a new SIM card if your card was lost. 

    1.     Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.

    2.     Scroll to the Plan you wish to change.

    3.     Click on Manage and choose Change SIM.

    4.     Select Order a SIM card.

    5.     Select your reason for ordering a new SIM card and click Continue.

    6.     Add your shipping address. This is the address where we will ship your SIM card. It may or may not be the same as your home address. 

    7.     Choose your shipping method.

    8.     Select a payment method and click Submit order to pay for your SIM card.

    9.     ... When you receive your SIM card, go back to Change SIM and select Activate your SIM to replace it.


    And To prevent identity theft or any fraudulent use, you must absolutely block your SIM card (access to your plan and phone number) and your phone.  

    To do so, log into your Fizz account. Under My phones you’ll see an option to report your phone as lost/stolen. 

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    If you already have a new SIM card :

    My pan in your Fizz account -->  select the plan on you want to put the new SIM --> Change SIM card -- Activate your SIM card

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    Previous answers are pretty complete. The process is simple and the new SIM should be activated in a couple of minutes.

    If you are still experimenting issues, maybe there is a bug with the options that you see on your page. in this case, please contact Fizz support so they can fix the page so you can see all the required options.

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