I made tech. Appointment for Labour Day, are Fizz technicians working tomorrow?

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When I was choosing a day and time for my internet to be set up, I chose Monday Sept 5, not realizing it’s Labour Day.

it says the appointment is accepted but I just want to confirm that they’re working tomorrow?

I sent Fizz an iMessage but no response yet.

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    Hello LabourDayBooBoo  ,

    Thank you for being part of the Fizz community!
    I verified your account and I see that the installation was completed on September 5.
    As other members said, whenever you are allowed by the calendar to set an appointment, the technicians will do their best to be there, not important if it's Sunday or any Holiday.
    For any other questions you can directly contact us following 
    I wish you a great day,



  • amml
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    Hello -

    If Sept 5th has been confirmed by Fizz, I'm confident the technician will come tomorrow.

  • DavidFizz
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    Yes, if you were able to book a time slot, the technician will come. I know they do deliveries on Sunday too

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