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Hope all is well.

Over the last couple days, internet connection has been extremely slow compared to normal, making it sometimes even difficult to work or have conference calls.

I have ran speedtests and all seem well, the wifi is visible, but I am often feeling like the connection is suddenly dropping then coming back on. (i get messages from google pages about pages not being accessible, getting no internet connection notifications from app on my phone when phone connected to the wifi only)

Is there anything I can do know what causes this issue and fix it ?

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    Hello anokii  ,

    Thank you for being part of the Fizz community!
    Following the verifications in your account, I see that as connection from us into the modem, all the signals are in the normal parameters.
    The issue is related to the WIFI part. If you already restarted the modem by unplugging it from the electrical outlet and the situation didn't improved, please perform a factory reset to the modem and also restart your devices.
    For the factory reset you will need a small sharp object. With it press for about 20 seconds the small orifice from the back of your modem (above the 4 yellow slots for Ethernet). The modem will reset and be back to day 1 when you received it, so you will have to do again the easy connect and initial installation following the steps from this FAQ:
    For the first time after this, you will connect to WIFI using the default name and password that's on the white label from the back of your modem.
    Test for 1-2 days and if the issue persist, please contact us in private for further verifications. You can contact us following the steps from this FAQ:

    Thank you for understanding and I wish you a great day,


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    Is it only on your cellphone? or also with your laptop/computer? did you try to connect an Ethernet cable to your laptop/computer to see if there is any difference?

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    it's on both laptop and cell.

    same happens when connected with Ethernet cable.

    Ultimately, i would like better wifi performance as well, as I work with multiple devices

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    You probably have other devices connected to your WiFi or ethernet connection. If you have a Coda router, maybe the app can help you see who's connected and shutdown un-necessary connections.

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    To have a better wifi reception it's recommended to get a router and put Fizz supplied modem in bridge mode, this modem doesn't get high marks for wifi connections.

    You can get a very good used router on

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