Impossible to chat with someone/ internet problems

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I’ve been having connection problems since the outage in verdun yesterday. I tried to chat with someone on messenger but they ghosted me — if they were an actual human! (If they were a chatbot then the script sucks.) I tried to use the Fizz chat, but the chat icons are not clickable! So here I am using a forum like it’s the 90’s all over again.

I Need the internet to work, and if no one is going to help me now then I’m taking my money elsewhere.

the end.

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    Hello @Hamsa,

    Sorry to hear about the situation encountered!

    I've taken a look at your connection, and it appears that there are indeed signals that appear to be out of the norm, which might make your connection unstable.

    Please check your coaxial cable to make sure it is properly screwed at both ends, and also make sure that this cable is not damaged in any way (where you can see it). If the cable is okay, please contact us on any of our communication channels (preferably the live chat). To contact us on the live chat, make sure that you do it from an incognito page of any browser (so we can make sure there are no browser-related issues), and access any FAQ page such as and click on the question mark on the bottom right, then select chat.

    We remain at your disposal! Please, keep us updated!

    Have a good one.



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