Lost modem during move

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When the technician arrives, do they have extra modems on them? We seem to have misplaced ours during a move

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    Hello @Tkieran,

    If you've lost your Wi-Fi modem, it's best to contact our customer service. The technicians do not usually carry a modem with them, especially when it's about an appointment scheduled for the internet service being moved to a new location.

    There'll also be a tax in case the modem is lost, according to the Service Agreement. You can check the service agreement by going to "My plans" -> "Manage plan" -> "Service Agreement".

    To contact us on any communication channel, make sure that you're connected to your Fizz account then access any FAQ page such as: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/lost-or-broken-modem and click on the question mark at the bottom right.

    We remain at your disposal for anything!

    Have a wonderful day, take care.



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