Is anyone in Rosemont having internet issues (down)?

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My internet has been down for an hour now. I am in Rosemont.

  1. I did reset my modem.
  2. I did speak with a Fizz rep who said there are no issues…!
  3. I did check the Fizz service status link, which indicated the are no issues, but there is!

Anyone else having the same issue?

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  • Olic
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    Someone in the French group has the same problem, in Rosemont too. For me, in the west of Rosemont, it's functional. But, you are not alone!


  • DavidFizz
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    In the English group, in another post, someone else referred to Rosemont being down:

    Other parts of the city are also down according the link I juts posted

  • AP_AP
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    Ok, so now we know. We just need Fizz to acknowledge there’s an issue and to resolve it.

  • David J. #14749
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    Also in Rosemont, 7e avenue and wifi is down. Tried to reset modem 2 times.

  • AP_AP
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    Our neighbors upstairs are with Videotron and are also out of service. Looks like the outage is at the source and is centralized to only our area. Clients from both of their networks are impacted.