How do we find out/change our wifi password?

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We have just moved into a new apartment, the password that the old tenant gave to the landlord isn’t working and we are blowing through our data really quickly. We can’t get ahold of anyone to get the password, the wifi is paid for by our landlord but the password was set by the old tenant. What can we do to get the password?

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    Hello @confusedtenant ,

    Sorry to hear about the issue encountered.

    In your case, kindly factory reset the modem by pressing the small button on the back of the modem ( in the small orifice ), using a sharp object for about 20 seconds until the modem reboots itself.

    You will then need to connect to the default network using the default password on the white label.

    Wait a few minutes after the factory reset and check again if you have a working connection as more details can be found here :

    Check if the Easy connect interface pops-up after the factory reset and if does not try to log to the modem`s interface via from any browser using these :

    Username: cusadmin

    Password: the password written on the white label on the back

    After you are finished check if you have a working connection.

    Extra details can be found here also :

    Have a good day,

    -Raul :)


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