For those with Sim cards issue (fix) / Pour ceux avec le problème de carte Sim (Solution)

Simon D. 26400
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I founded in other topic about the Sim card issue that is possible to reuse your old sim card to fix the LTE issue .In my case, i have an iphone XR and i was able to receive/make calls , but no data LTE .

Here is the step i did ;

Got to the e-mail i received by fizz for order the new SIM card , order another free one.

Go to my settings and go to SIM card change , use the code you already use with the SIM card who doesn't work , and put back your old SIM card . In my case , it worked.


J'ai trouvé dans d'autre sujet sur le forum à propos du problème des cartes SIM une solution pour réutiliser l'ancienne carte SIM . J'ai un iphone XR et le problème que j'avais avec la nouvelle carte était que je pouvais faire/recevoir des appels mais je n'avais aucune donnée LTE .

Voici ce que j'ai fais ;

J'ai été chercher le e-mail que j'ai reçu de Fizz concernant le remplacement obligatoire de la carte SIM il y a quelques semaines , j'en ai commandé un autre . (Ils sont gratuites).

Je suis aller dans les paramètres de mon compte pour changer la carte SIM à nouveau , j'ai utilisé le code d'activation de la carte que j'avais reçu dernièrement qui ne fonctionnait pas et j'ai remis mon ancienne carte SIM , dans mon cas tous fonctionne correctement .


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    This is a solution that many people are talking about, but I am a little worried about how it will be possible to make the change again when the technical problem is solved.

    Also, how will Fizz react to ordering multiple free cards for the same line? Will they consider it abusive? In short, personally, I recommended people to do it only if they really need to restore their service quickly.

    I have the feeling that sooner or later, you will have to go through the support to explain yourself... and with multiple SIM cards / orders, it will be even more complex... :|

  • Simon D. 26400
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    There might be a conflict issue later for this , I know .

    But my phone is one of my main work tool. I absolutely need it to work .

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    @Simon D. 26400

    "There might be a conflict issue later for this , I know .But my phone is one of my main work tool. I absolutely need it to work ."

    I totally agree with you, if you need to recover your service because your new SIM card doesn't work, it is the way to go until finds a solution. I just hope just a few people will have issues with the new SIM card.

    And Olic, your are right about your concerns, it may bring out other issues. Fizz has to take this into account.

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    I have tried this solution but it did not work.

    The website let me order another free SIM card, and I managed to enter my old SIM's activation code on the activation page, but even hours later, my VOLTE SIM is still active and my old SIM hasn't been reactivated.

    Calls and texts seem to work on and off, but no data at all, with this new SIM.

  • olivier G. 46249
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    didn't work for me either. when I try to activate my old card with the activation of the new sim, it says it has already been assigned to an account.. still stuck with no solution. 🤬

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    @olivier G. 46249

    Chat with Fizz, and they will fix it.

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    Good to know. However, I'm not so sure about the long term repercussions of this type of multiple SIM card usage.

  • olivier G. 46249
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    i've been trying on here, on twitter, on messenger... they all say wait till the technical team fix it. it's been 3 days now. ..!! The one on twitter said they would re-activate my old sim but are not answering anymore. this is so frustrating.

  • Kemal C.
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    36 hours after activating the new SIM, more than 24 hours after creating the ticket, still no connection!

    The support they provide below:

    According to the Service Agreement you accepted when you subscribed to Fizz, you are entitled to compensation only if you are unable to use your services for more than 48 consecutive hours. This can be verified by going to My plans > Manage plan > Services Agreement, at point 6.2. I can assure you that if this will take more than 48 hours, we will refund you for the days you could not use your service.

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    Unfortunately it's a long weekend, probably it will be fixed on Tuesday 🤞.

    Try to contact customer service again and ask for escalation.

  • Whizz
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    Hello Kemal C.  ,

    Sorry to hear you`ve had issues with the services.

    For the moment, a ticket was raised to try to address the issue as we apologize for the inconvenience.

    I see that you also contacted our colleagues multiple times regarding this subject, so your patience is greatly appreciated since the ticket is still in progress.

    You will be reached back via e-mail as soon as updates will be received and you can also track the ticket status via My settings - My tickets, to also have a view on its progress.

    On the last note, I will close this thread, since this post is not related to your issue.

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Have a good one,

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