is it possible to reschedule the installation date earlier?

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Hello, I am moving to my new place this weekend, but the earliest date available is next Tuesday, I chose self-installation. I am not sure how it works, if I am correct, the engineer just came to home new place and deliver the modem? if so, is it possible to squeeze me in this weekend?

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    Hello @Big_Mike666 ,

    Technically speaking you can try to reschedule the appointment from time to time to see if our system will show an earlier date, since some clients might decide to cancel their moving orders or subscriptions.

    More details can be found here :

    Verifying your account I could see that you did manage to reschedule for today, so please wait for the technician`s visit as he will be the one that delivers the modem and check if the connection can be set-up at your home.

    Have a good one,

    -Raul :)


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    No, unfortunately, that's not possible. The technician who will come must check the conformity of the connection that your modem will use. This is essential to ensure that you have a good signal, and therefore, a good service.

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