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Hi, I just got the new SIM card with the VoLTE and I activated it and the old one got deactivated. I inserted it and it’s not working. I shut my phone off and it’s connected to the FIZZ network and yet I still have no service. Nothing is working, the LTE nor calls or texts.

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    Hello @pritha ,

    Sorry to hear about the situation encountered.

    I observed that you have a ticket opened to address the issue, and our team asked you to reach us back on Live chat to share with them the new activation code to retry the Sim change operation.

    Regarding everyone else having the same issue, please do reach us on Live chat to follow each case in particular further, as we deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a good day,



  • Eauclaire98
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    I’m afraid to have the same problem when I will change. Is it the new SIM card that Fizz asked us to order?

    Is anyone have the same problem?

  • pritha
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    Yes, it's the free one they asked us to order.

  • JimmyHung
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    I have same problem , my phone can't call or text , what we can do now ?

  • Sabrina_19
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    I have the same problem!

  • Eazi_Ezra
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    i have the same problem

  • Karine L. #3996
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    same here: nothing is working if I leave the house🤬

  • Jérémi D. #80
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    Same problem here, now both my SIM cards (old and new) dont work.... I constantly get a pop up saying "SIM card not authorized for voice". When going into my fizz account to confirm my activation code it says : "Impossible to save your selection. Please submit a new order"

  • rayalon
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    same problem.

  • rayalon
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    Please help us solve this problem, FIZZ! We are paying for service, but do not have any service.

  • Pascal G. #8087
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    They said it takes 2 hours… but, nothing works after this time…

  • appleton69
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    Can i have assistance of fizz represantative to solve a probleme with my new sim card please ??? this service is a joke

  • Tarek K. #11712
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    I have the same problem the service is shit i have a lot of problem in my life todays because the shitty sims dont work

  • ul16
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     28 aout pas encore réglé !!!!!!!« Impossible d’enregistrer votre sélection. S’il vous plaît soumettre une nouvelle commande »

  • Olic
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    The forum here is not monitored in real time by Fizz. If you need urgent help, contact them by : , at the bottom, there is a green bubble with a question mark, you can chat with support.

    You can also use :



    Whatsapp: (438) 393-5814

    Otherwise, the advantage here is to exchange solutions, when it is possible to do without official support! Like going back to the original email to order a new SIM, which allows you to reactivate the old one...

    That said, in this specific case, I believe that the best is really to go through a assistance session with Fizz.

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