How do I subscribe to home internet?

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Every time I try to select an internet plan, I am redirected to a site that cannot be reached.

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  • Whizz
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    Hello @graemeb ,

    Sorry to hear that you had issues with placing a subscription order!

    In such cases, we kindly advise you to reach us on Live chat, as also making sure you follow the details found here :

    Verifying your account, we could also see that you managed to successfully place your Internet subscription order, as we apologize for any possible inconvenience in the meantime.

    Have a good one,



  • Tonyheb
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    Have you tried logging in before?

    Works for me when logged in.

  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @graemeb

    Please check your antivirus and try with a different browser

    Try to go here and from there see if it makes a difference

  • philippe C. 54783
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    The fizz website is terrible.

    Half the links on there won't work.

    You can't add a credit card.

    You can't pay for extra data.

    the "file a complaint" button is also broken.

    The chat feature is also utterly bugged.

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