Has community engagement gone down?

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I feel that after Fizz drastically cut back on the award structure here in the forum last year, community engagement has drastically gone down. I am not surprised as this was pointed out when the change was implemented and Fizz promised they would adjust/tweak the earning structure. Unsurprisingly, they did nothing of that sort. The result, a forum that is less vibrant.

Maybe this is just my impression. Would love to hear what you think.


  • Olic
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    Could a part of the answer be that new customers are more active? There are more gains when you start to contribut, and, when it's new, you want to learn about the service...

    Now that Fizz has been around for a while, there are probably fewer new customers than before.

    That's my guess, does that make sense?

  • StefanM
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    Valid point. But generally my impression is that it overall drastically decreased, even with long-term users

  • Much less user engagement since the points (levels) are tougher to get. I know they had to do something to stop people from exploiting the system. But personally, The fact that the kudos don't give points anymore has negatively impacted my motivation to login and check the threads and post replies to the various questions asked.

  • As a new user I find the forum to be quite useful and find people pretty active. That being said, I completely understand what @StefanM is saying. Before actually signing up with Fizz, I was looking at the posts in this forum that explained the different ways we could earn points, and was actually surprised and disappointed to learn that now many of those activities that would once allow us to earn points no longer do... But I guess this is the rewards system Fizz chose to stick with for now ... Hopefully they come up with more ways to keep the community engaged and allow them to earn enough points to make it worth their time :)

  • I understand this might have reduced the participation level on the forum, as it was easier to get points. However, I don't think it's the only explanation, as I have the impression that less new people seem to join the forum. Newcomers tend to ask lots of questions, which is much less the case right now, as there are fewer of them.

  • @Doomdrou Makes sense :)

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    My point of view? Login in the forum to check threads that are mostly answered with the "how to get the chat bubble" FAQ copy/pasted everywhere isn't that entertaining.

    Not a lot of info about coming changes or features, even less about advanced technical stuff (Newer modem, IPv6 etc).

    It's mostly filled now with billing issues and service outages.

  • I just made level 5 through forum grinding! I had a lot of my answered marked as best answer in the past 3 days. Even made Guru level 1/5