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I just recently transferred my phone number from Public Mobile.

I got an email to say my plan is active with Fizz.

But I have yet to receive a text/SMS to confirm the transfer. I was told it could take 2 hours but it has been more than that.

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    Hello @LKTB26 ,

    From what we checked on your Fizz account it looks like the transfer was confirmed and completed.

    Please insert the Fizz Sim card in your device, restart your phone, enable / disable airplane mode and test the services following the details found here :

    If your encounter any issue whilst using your services, do reach us on Live chat for further assistance.

    Have a good one,



  • Olic
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    You can look the video on that page :

    Do you have some notifications in your Fizz account?

  • RobC
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    When I ported from Koodo a couple of months ago (Public Mobile and Koodo are sub-brands of Telus), I received a text on my Koodo SIM within a few minutes that I needed to confirm. After responding to the text, I swapped my SIM to the Fizz SIM.

    Afterwards, it still took over 2 hours for the port to complete (I started it in the evening, and it was fully active on Fizz by the morning) before I received a SMS and email from Fizz.

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