How to transfer my number?

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I am currently with Telus and I followed the steps to transfer my number with fizz. Fizz said I was going to receive an sms from Telus which I never received. I contacted Telus and they told me they never received the transfer request from fizz. I was wondering what I was supposed to do now to make sure my number is properly transferred.

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    Hello LPA,

    Thank you for becoming a Fizz member! 
    I verified your account and following the investigations I see that the transfer is completed and the services are active on your Fizz SIM. You can test everything, verify this FAQ to make sure you don't forget about anything: . From the same FAQ, you can contact us in our live chat for any issue. After your scroll down a bit you will see a green bubble at the right bottom of the page. Click it and the green square with 3 dots is our chat.

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