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Is my Iphone that I buy on Fizz site is unlock to put another sim Card??  Im going in vacation and need to put a new sim card, it will work??

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    Hi Patricia

    It's a law now,!They cannot sell you a phone lock since décembre first 2017. Read this

    Updated Wireless Code gives Canadians more control over their wireless services

    June 15, 2017 – Ottawa-Gatineau - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission today announced that as of December 1, 2017, all individual and small business wireless service customers will have the right to have their cellphones and other mobile devices unlocked free of charge upon request. In addition, all newly purchased devices must be provided unlocked from that day forward.

    As well, updates to the trial period will allow customers who are unhappy with their service to cancel their contract within 15 days and return their device in near-new condition at no costs, as long as they have used less than half their monthly usage limits.


  • Ihssan
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    Yes unlocked.

  • D_M_O
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    It should be unlock yes. Got a new Iphone form fizz and didn't have any issue the phone. Was working with a different provider.

  • FizzyWizz
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    Yup ! And as mentioned before, carriers are now required to unlock any previously locked phone upon request.

  • ah727
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    I would suggest you do a factory reset first thing if you buy a preloved phone.

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