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Raising this here to see if others have had the same issue because I’m planning on filing a complaint against Fizz. I’ve read that they don’t budge on referral codes and paying them out. I can understand for cases where the referral code wasn’t used but I’ve actually applied it. My partner created an account and signed up to fizz and I was there when it prompted the referral code and I applied it. Im now being told the code was not applied after chatting with support which is completely false and ridiculous. This essentially means this company can benefit from pretending like referrals are paid out and just claim the code was never applied.

If you’re on the same boat feel free to respond. This practice needs to end.

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    Hello Lechiffre10,

    I am sorry to hear about this.
    I can see that our support team escalated this situation and it's currently under investigation.
    It's not that we don't wish to help or offer the referral bonus, we just need to verify what happened first.
    Rest assured, if the card was indeed applied when you created the plan we will do our best to provide the referral bonus.
    I am counting on your patience and understanding until the investigation is complete. 

    Have a lovely day,


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    Sorry to hear that. Switch to fizz 2 weeks ago with issue. Maybe you should talk to the customer service.

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    It's not because you entered it once that it saved it.

    If you entered it, then went back to edit your plan, or simply refreshed the page, you would have to reenter the referal code again, it happened to me. I went back to double check that everything was fine and then made sure the referal code was still there and it was not, so I entered it again.

    Filing a complaint where a lot of user errors can be involved would just waste your time. Sorry that it happened though

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    If you didn't get and email confirming your code has been used right after your freind activated the plan then the code wasn't used. I dont why or what happened but it simply wasn't and you don't have anything to prove it.

    File a complaint if you want, you're not getting anything from fizz, you'll just waste your time and energy for 50 bucks.

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