Very Poor Travel Roaming Coverage in USA (Vermont-NH-Boston)

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Hello community,

This discussion to warn everyone who plans to travel across USA with the roaming option for USA. I bought 2 gigas when planning my last week trip to Vermont, New Hampshire and Boston.

Unfortunatly, after 7 days, I still have left 1,71 on 2 GB. Why ? Poor or almost no coverage everywhere. My data roaming was enable. I thought first it would be due to crossing National Forest with lack of coverage but even in the center of the city of Boston, I only had an "E" quality connection. My wife bought the same data package with a different smartphone. Same situation for her.

It was a very unpleasant surprise since I could not use my google maps for direction during the road trip.

In brief, everybody be warned. I am currently thinking to change mobile operator if I must go more often to USA.



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    Thanks for the tip! Hope it will be fine when I will be in the USA.

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    Can we make calls in the USA with the Canada/USA plan as before?

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    I understand what you mean. I was in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont last June, and experienced the same thing as you. T-Mobile still has 2G network, good for calls, but the 2G EDGE (that's what E stands for) idata network is VERY slow. Often I had to kick out the 2G by toggling airplane mode on and off (leaving 15 seconds in between) but once the 2G was out I had pretty good 4G LTE+ with 60 Mbps with T-Mobile data. But agree it's frustrating when you're driving and you can't refresh your network. I use Android Auto Google Maps in satellite view all the time.

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    T-Mobile coverage map in NH.

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    Same for me. It doesn't work well outside

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    but I think that in general you need to get a really good sim card to work anywhere on the American continent since the power lines here are not that great, it's a very low density in comparison to Europe, where I'm from

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    Hello @MBfromMontreal ,

    Sorry to hear about the situation encountered!

    In such casses, we kindly advise you to switch your network mode to 3G , and also swap between AT&T and T-Mobile, as in some cases, the coverage might be better on one partner network than the other.

    If you still have issues when traveling, we kindly invite you to reach us on Live chat, so our team can check and possibly even escalate a ticket further.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a good one,

    -Raul :)

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