Which laptop is better to buy now?

any suggestions?

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  • Sergiy R.
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    Mac book air or mac book pro if you like Apple,

    But Dell has a better price, check Dell XPS on dell.ca


  • Dragonboat
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    Not too expensive!


  • GFra
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    It really depends how you want to use the laptop. Are you planning on gaming? Then you need to consider the price of laptops with graphic cards. How important is the quality of the build? Some cheaper laptops have amazing specs for the price, but break easily. What about monitor quality? I.e. If you plan on using your laptop for colour-sensitive work, like photo editing, you'll need something with a higher quality monitor, ideally. Ditto, if you do a lot of data entry, a numpad can be really helpful. etc etc etc. The laptop prices depend on your uses, really!

  • GFra
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    In general though, you may get a lot of mileage out of online communities like Build A PC Sales Canada on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/bapcsalescanada/

    They usually also have listings and commentary on current laptop deals and specs!

  • swatt
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    If you can live with android apps only, you may buy a simple chromebook.

  • Personally, I use a MacBook air! I like it a lot because the battery can last a long time compared to other brands. Also, you can see your messages since you have Imessage on it :)

  • Leifuer
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    PC: Lenovo/ThinkPad

    Mac: MacBook Air (M1/M2)

  • MoYe
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    i like dell

  • depends what you need? if just web browsing, chromebook are pretty nice , but if you need for school new macbook air is pretty worth it with new M2 chips

  • The Macbook Air (M1/M2) having no fan (so no mechanical parts, no dust, etc.), they are going to have phenomenal lifetime - in addition to being quiet, stylish and hyper-powerful.

    I suggest the MBA m2 with 10 CPU cores and 8 GPU, as the CPU is more often the bottleneck, while adding more GPU creates an unnecessary source of heat.

  • Yup I agree with the others XPS are usually high quality PC, but it would best to know your needs

  • Never EVER buy a Dell Laptop, they are very bad.

  • SquikyBird
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    Macbook. You can find used one for a good price.

  • _CJ_
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    You put 0 requirements in your question. There's no such thing as better if there are no requirements to meet. It's like asking what's the best car. There's not one answer because it depends what you value. Please put some more effort into your questions if you want a proper discussion.

  • EtienneB
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    Voici quelques critères à considérer lors de l’achat d’un ordinateur portable :

    • Processeur : Si vous avez besoin d’une performance élevée pour des tâches telles que la retouche photo, le montage vidéo ou le jeu, vous devriez opter pour un processeur haut de gamme, comme un Intel Core i7 ou i9 ou un AMD Ryzen 7 ou 9.
    • Mémoire vive (RAM) : La mémoire vive est importante pour les tâches qui nécessitent beaucoup de mémoire, comme les jeux et le multitâche. Il est recommandé d’avoir au moins 8 Go de RAM, mais 16 Go ou plus ser

  • Roxinie
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    I really like my lenovo think pad , purshashed a preowned, it's perfect for my needs and price worty, best buy has a lot of refurbished options that come with a garantie, so it really worth considering the option to save $ and I a good price/quality ratio. Mine really didn't have anything major except the battery life, which I can purchase new for 40$.

  • kokoboko
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    for browsing is enough a chrome. to edit video you probably need apple i9 or more. for fb an i3/8G/15'' is enough. search on ebay. so many amazing options.

  • Pete
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    Mac: MacBook Air