Phone disconnects from Fizz network when switching to LTE+

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For the past month I've been having frequent (multiple times per day) issues when trying to make calls or loading data on my phone when NOT on wifi.

Basically, as soon as the network type indicator goes from LTE to LTE+ the connection drops, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for many minutes. Enabling and disabling airplane mode usually doesn't work.

I have disabled VoLTE and it seems like it helped, but the issue still occurs. Is there anything I can do to fix this? My phone (Pixel 5) supports 5G but it's not an option in the preferred network types list, and I'd rather not be limited to 3G permanently...

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    How many options do you have ?

  • Whizz
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    Hello doorjuice,

    I am sorry for the situation encountered.
    In order to make further verification and help further, please contact us in private. Here you can find how to reach us:

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    I wish you a great day!

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    If your main concern is making phone calls choose 3G preferred. Otherwise choose LTE preferred.

    I think your LTE+ signal is too weak, try it outside to see if it's better.

    Your phone can connect to multiple mobile bands for LTE. Fizz main band is band 4, which is a higher frequency band, and sometimes has trouble penetrating indoors. If your phone supports band 12, and this band is available in your area, this lower LTE frequency band is more stable for data connection, but is also slower. FizzExt can also offer low frequency LTE band 5, which should also be more stable, but you must use it occasionally.

    I use an application (Network Signal Info from PlayStore) which gives me lots of information about the band my phone is connected to.

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    Sorry for the late reply everyone, I thought I'd receive a notification or an email when there'd be replies :/

    @PF_Ref_D2U9A Oh, I thought VoLTE was already available. It's kinda weird since it was enabled by default on my phone and it used to work flawlessly.

    @Ihssan I don't have the option for 5G, the list ends at LTE (and there's no separate option for LTE+)

    @ah727 I need calls to work reliably but falling back to 3G speeds for data is rather painful... In the meantime I installed the app you recommended and I'm currently connected to band 71 apparently. I'll check the app next time the connection drops to see what's going on.

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    Band 71 is a lower frequency LTE band, so should be more stable than band 4 when you are indoors. But lower frequency bands are normally slower, but they are way faster than 3G. Band 5 is also a lower frequency band, often used by AT&T. T-Mobile's lower frequency band is 12 (700a) I believe. In Florida I have also seen band 17 (700c) but don't know who is the provider.

    For notifications, if you type on your icon, you should see if you have new comments.

    Glad to hear from you!

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