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Good evening everyone,

I am having problems adjusting my current plan for my mobile plan data. My plan still has two days left until the next payment date and I am trying to upgrade the GB I have for my current plan. However, I keep receiving an alert saying that no change can be made until the day when my monthly plan ends which means after adjusting the plan, I would get the GB only in one month. Is it any way I can still adjust the plan before the payment date comes so I get the new adjusted plan on time?

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    Sorry you are too late to change your plan for this month.

    You can change your plan at anytime by logging into your account. Although, the changes you make will only take effect at the beginning of your next payment cycle.

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-change-my-mobile-plan

    Important: A freeze period is in effect 108 hours (4.5 days) before the end of your payment cycle, during which time no changes can be made to your plan. 

    Important: Any change to your plan must therefore be submitted 108 hours (4.5 days) before the end of your payment cycle to come into effect at the beginning of your next payment cycle. Not respecting this delay means changing your plan will be impossible and you will have to wait for the next payment cycle. 

    You can only replace your plan with one of our plans offered at that time, and your old plan may no longer be available or may no longer be offered at the same terms afterwards. 

    Some discounts or promotions may no longer apply after you switch (for example, certain services or options that were included in your old plan may be charged under your new plan or may no longer be available). 

    A new services agreement with the changes applied will be put in your Fizz account. A copy will also be sent to you by email using the address associated with your account.  

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/plan-change-policy


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    Hi you have to change your plan at least 4.5 days before the beginning of your next cycle as any change are frozen during that period.

  • Hi

    I have been chatting with at least 4 agents plus a open support ticket and nobody can't explain why my account upgrade didn't kick in on the renew date and I think this is the explanation.

    I don't remember having any warning while changing my accout about this 4.5 days.

    I have wasted so much time with support in the past week that I can't believe that nobody could relate my problem with this policy


  • Hi

    I did the change 3 days before and got charge on my credit card so if the upgrade will only take effect a month later them why take the money now

  • I've been trying to make changes to my mobile plan for 3 weeks now. not working, the option to do that is never there at all. It has nothing to do with grace period 4.5 days. it's just gone

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    Hello Mafe,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I kindly inform you that I have verified and saw you already contacted us in private and the necessary information was provided. As suggested by our community members, any change to your plan must be submitted 108 hours (4.5 days) before the end of your payment cycle to come into effect at the beginning of your next payment cycle.

    If you need help with anything else, you can contact us here: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us
    Thank you, have a great day!

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