I just subscribed 2days ago, until now, I have no connection for 2 days now, anyo

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The man who deliver my modem was in a hurry, he just gave me the modem and told me to do it by myself by following instructions, and i did, but until now, it’s been 2 days that I have no connection, anyone can help? It’s difficult to ask assistance from customer service

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    Hello 333,
    I am sorry to hear that your internet is not working,
     I have verified your order and you chose the self-installation option. The technician made sure you have an internet connection at your place, however it was not his responsibility anymore to install the WiFI. 
    I can see that you managed to get help from our customer service team via chat and your connection worked after you followed the steps on this FAQ: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-install-my-wi-fi-modem

    Thank you for your understanding and patience!
    I wish you a great day!


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