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my monthly plan renew in 3 days but my payment taken from my card if i cancel can i get my money back

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    unfortunately not since your plan is renewed 72 hours before the end of your payment cycle.

    Example. Your payment cycle ends on the 5th of every month. The automatic payment of your plan therefore takes place on the 2nd of the month, and your new cycle starts on the 6th.


    This means that if the cancellation of your plan has not been, at least 72 hours before the end of your payment cycle, your plan will be automatically renueded by the system and the amount will be deducted from your payment method.

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    Hello @Jasbir ,

    Thank you for reaching us.

    If you have an unsubscription request made before the plan renews, even if you are charged 72 hours before the plan renews, a refund will be made automatically once the plan gets canceled.

    I can see a refund was made and you can verify this from your transaction history.

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    Here's all the informations and also the procedure to cancel your plan:

    When you cancel your plan, you are required to pay in full for the current month (with the exception of the 15-day trial period).

    Any money in your Wallet will be refunded at the end of your current payment cycle.

    After you cancel your plan, you will still have access to your Fizz account. All information about your plan — including your transaction history and payments — will be kept for three years.

    A promotional rebate is sometimes offered for a limited time on the suggested retail price of some phones offered on To see how these discounts work and the conditions that apply if you leave Fizz, click here

    If you choose to cancel your Fizz mobile service before the end of your payment cycle, know that you will not receive any prorated refund. Fizz is a prepaid mobile service, and the choice to cancel before the end of your cycle is yours.

    Cancelling WITHOUT keeping your number
    1. Log into your Fizz account to do it yourself:
    2. Go to My plans in your Fizz account.
    3. Select the plan you wish to close.
    4. Click on Manage.
    5. Select Unsubscribe to begin the process.
    6. Select the credit card to which you will transfer any remaining funds in your Wallet.
    Cancelling and KEEPING your number

    To keep your phone number at a new provider, first and foremost, DO NOT cancel your current Fizz service — only active phone numbers can be transferred to a new provider.

    The process is simple: tell your new provider that you intend to keep your number. Your new provider will contact Fizz to disable your Fizz plan. The cancellation will only come into effect after your new provider has retrieved your phone number.

    Your new provider will ask you to identify your Fizz plan to confirm your number transfer. Before you call your new provider, have the following information handy:

    • Your Fizz account number: To find your account number, go to My Planthen go in Manage. Beneath your telephone number you’ll see your 8 digits account ID starting by 2 or 3...
    • OR The IMEI number for the last phone you used with your Fizz plan: This is your phone’s identity card; it also allows us to identify your plan. Your IMEI number can be found by dialing *#06# in your phone’s keypad.

     If you are transferring your number over to another mobile provider: 

    - Once you completed your subscription with this new provider and requested the transfer of your Fizz number, you’ll receive via text messaging a transfer authorization request. This text MUST be answered within the prescribed time frame (90 minutes) to confirm your wish to transfer this number. 

    - If this text message remains unanswered, or if you answer after the prescribed time, your request to transfer your number will be cancelled. You will need to contact the other provider directly to initiate a new request. 

    - If you don’t receive the transfer authorization request by text messaging, contact the other provider directly to initiate a new request. If you still don’t receive anything with that second attempt, then contact our Customer Service team: log into your Fizz account, and click on the chat bubble located in the bottom right corner of the page during our business hours.  


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