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I see under the travel option that I can add a pay as you go amount into my wallet. Online it reads, "if you deplete your monthly plan, your consumption will switch to pay as you go and use your funds in your wallet." Wouldn't it automatically switch to wallet consumption when I pass the border into the United States? What does it mean by deplete?

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    Hello Domenic N.,

    Thank you for the provided details, I will do my best to clarify the situation.

    I verified your Fizz account and plan and I noted that your regular plan has only Canada coverage. This means that you are able to use your services only while being in Canada.

    The moment you'd enter the USA, your plan would stop functioning, as you don't have the necessary coverage. thus you do not have to worry that your regular plan will be depleted.

    To be able to use the plan in the USA you must either have Canada + USA coverage, buy an Add-on of mobile data, SMS or calls, depending on your needs, or add money to your Fizz wallet.

    More details can be found here:

    Regarding the Fizz Wallet, I noted that you already added funds to it. If you selected the USA zone when adding the money, the system will automatically pay your usage directly from these funds when using the services in the USA.

    Thus, your regular plan will remain untouched and the Pay as you go option will be activated automatically.

    I hope I clarified the situation. Thank you, and have a great day!
    - Cecilia


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    It means if you use up all your plan services, your wallet can be used for pay-as-you-go service. So if you havea 2 GB plan and you deplete the 2 GB of data, you can use add-on or pay-as-you-go wallet to continue using data.

    The Fizz wallet can be used to pay for many services of your mobile plan -

    Your Wallet is where you deposit and store money to cover Pay As You Go minutes, texts, minutes for international calls and roaming. Simply use your credit card to add funds to your wallet.

    The funds you deposit in your Wallet will not be spent unless:

    1. You decide to use them to Pay As You Go.
    2. Your plan only includes data. You will be able to use Pay As You Go make calls and send texts.
    3. You deplete your monthly plan and do not buy an Add-On. Funds in your Wallet will automatically be used to pay for calls and text.

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    I don't understand how my regular plan ties into traveling into the United States though. Different roaming rates, call rates, etc. I am worried that my regular plan would be depleted quite quickly and at a costly rate. Would I be charged the excessive out of Quebec traveling rates while my regular plan is being used/depleted? Wouldn't the pay as you go, automatically kick in when you travel?

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    If you do not have already a Canada + USA plan, it will be probably cheaper to buy a US sim card from a US provider during your trip if you are a big phone and data user. Check your options with Fizz here :

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    For each mobile plan, there is only 1 Fizz wallet. So the money deposited in the Fizz wallet is used to pay for an array of services. Unfortunately you cannot specify that the wallet funds be used only for specific purpose.

    As mention, the pay-as-you-go usage rates are high. If you plan to use a lot of data, you may consider purchasing a travel add-on or changing your plan to include U.S.A. coverage.

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