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Hi everyone,

My current plan is Quebec coverage. I'm traveling to BC so bought a Travel Add-on, in this case, can I make and receive calls nationally when I'm in in BC? Do I still need to top up my wallet just in case?


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    Hello @Allie,

    To use your Fizz services outside your coverage area you can either use a Travel Add-on or use the Pay as you go option, there is no need to use them both at the same time.

    I verified your Fizz account and noted that you have Travel Add-ons for mobile data, SMS and calls. Please make sure that you activated the roaming function of your phone and that you are connected to the Fizz Ext network.

    More details can also be found here:

    Thanks and have a great day!
    - Cecilia


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    Hi Allie,

    since your plan has the Quebec coverage, you did the right thing:

    • … calls to Canada but when you are outside your coverage area (Quebec): log into your Fizz account. Under your mobile plan, click on Manage / Travel, and enter Canada.


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