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$50 for you,  

$50 for your friend. 

Invite your friends to join our Fizz community and enjoy our amazing benefits. You'll each receive a $50 referral bonus if they activate their first mobile or Home Internet plan using your referral code. This offer is valid until July 12, 2022, inclusively. Details at 


  • PF_Ref_D2U9A
    PF_Ref_D2U9A 🌈🎁 Here's my Fizz referral code. Thanks! 😊 ▶ D2U9A ◀ Voici mon code de référence. Merci! 😊🎁🌈Posts: 2,598

    Welcome new members!

    Fizz is great! 👍️

    When you activate your first plan, remember to

    1. Enter the referral code on the Order Summary page where you see the total price including the taxes.
    2. You must also press on the green button to validate the referral code.

    It's the only time and place where you can do this. If you miss the opportunity while activating your plan, it's too late!

    💖 Welcome to Fizz! 😊

  • swatt
    swatt Code de référence/ referral code: IAN66Posts: 547

    50 $ for the new members. Good news.

  • PTD
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    Use it to Enjoy 50$ referral bonus🥳