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Shanny F.
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It seems like i am receiving internet but my wifi and even my computer plugged in directly cannot find the network. It was working fine before the service guy came on the 31 of may.. how do i get it fixed?

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    Hello @Shanny F.,

    I'm sorry to hear about the situation you encountered with your Internet services.

    I verified your Fizz account and noted that you contacted us in private and that a ticket has been escalated to the technical team, which is still doing the necessary verifications. Rest assured that we will contact you via email as soon as we have news from them.

    I have also verified your modem in our diagnostic tools and it seems that it is online and functional at your new address. If you still do not have access to the services, please try to connect with the password from the back of the modem.

    We also invite you to contact us in private, on the desired contact channel, to let us know if you managed to connect to the wi-Fi network. We are available for our customers 24/7:

    Thanks and have a great day!
    - Cecilia


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