Cause USA 3G networks shutdown soon.... is VoLTE Fizz coming soon ?

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Read a few things about the US 3G networks shutdown this year Plan Ahead for Phase Out of 3G Cellular Networks and Service | Federal Communications Commission (

Seems like Fizz has to release Volte sooner to be able to offer roaming in US.

Any update from FIZZ regarding VoLTE or Wifi Calling?

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    Very interesting post. My questioning is about how well Fizz members are doing in the USA, as AT&T has closed it's 3G networks last March. I was in Florida January to March 2022, and phone calling was still possible as T-Mobile was still offering 3G coverage. But T-Mobile is phasing out it's 3G.

    My VoLTE is activated on my Samsung A52 5G phone, and I have replaced my Sim card with the new card with the red lightning spark logo. But no VoLTE capability with Fizz yet.


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    Found this Why is VoLTE important? | Fizz

    Seems like is coming....

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    Really happy to see Fizz moving.....

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    Like you wrote, this is the latest news on VoLTE -

    There's no news about Fizz having Wifi calling.

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    wondering if anybody has to share some new US roaming recent experience....

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    To Fizz users in the USA. If you are making calls using your Fizz Canada + USA plan through roaming with US Networks ( AT&T, T-Mobile,...), we would like to hear from you. We would like to understand how the Fizz roaming partners are processing phone calls: through 3G networks or 4G LTE (VoLTE).

    Before making a phone call, the top status bar should show the LTE status of the mobile connection. DURING THE CALL, for a 3G call, the 3G status should show up in the top status bar, OR for a VoLTE call, the LTE status should still show up in the top status bar.

    Kindly let us know so we can anticipate problems with calls making in the USA once 3G networks are shut down by T-Mobile or others. Thanks everybody!

    Below top status bar showing LTE connection

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