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Hi im not able to connect the wifi with my new modem, i just have access to 2.4g and its saying weak wifi on my cellphone. Also when i entered the default passwords, it didn’t redirected me right away to the web browser to create the new passwords. And i dont understand how to have access manually to the web broswer

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    Hello audreannemarks,
    I am sorry to hear that you encounter this issue,
    I have verified the account you have connected to the Community Hub with and I did not find an Internet plan sadly to verify the connection.

    In your case, I would recommend a factory reset of your modem and then try to connect to the user interface using these steps:
    To factory reset, you just need a sharp object and press and hold the small button on the modem's back for 20 seconds. 
    After the modem has restarted you will have to set up your WiFi again using the steps on this FAQ:

    Now, to log into the user interface, you can do it with these credentials:
    Open an Internet browser, and enter in the address bar.
    Username: cusadmin
    Password: **enter your Wi-Fi password** ( the default one or the one created during setup)
    It would be best to access this from a computer connected via ethernet to the modem.
    Also, you can change the password from the WiFI application, using these steps: 
     Log into the Wi-Fi app, go to My Wi-Fi> My Wi-Fi networks> And there will be able to change the  Wi-Fi password.

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Have a good one!


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    Hi Audreanne,

    if you have the possibility, preferably connected the modem directly to your device with the Ethernet cable (RJ45) that was provided to you by Fizz, so you won’t need the code behind it since as soon as you open your search browser, when the modem is connected to your device, the "Easy Connect" interface will appear on the screen in order to enter the following information, the name of your network (SSID) that you choose yourself, as well as to register a new password of your choice.

    Also, be sure to give the modem a certain amount of time when it is first installed since it needs to be fully updated, and this may take some time before it is fully operational.

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    And therefore, here is the procedure for installing the Fizz modem:

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    And here's how to contact Fizz’s support team directly for help or any questions, they will be able advice as well as provide you precise answers. You can do it by opening the following link: and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble, than click on it to start your chat session with the customer service.

    If the chat bubble still does not appear at the bottom of the page, on the right, after a few seconds, the number of pending sessions is higher than the service’s processing capacity. At that time, you can leave a message on the other proposed communication channels:

    -By private message on Facebook/Messenger:

    -By private message on Twitter :

    -Whatsapp : (438) 393-5814

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