A draw for 10 BIXI memberships

Hey everyone!


Warm weather is finally here, the leaves are out, and the table is set for another great summer with our BIXI partnership.


To celebrate, ten (10) BIXI memberships for the 2022 season will be handed out at random among those who answer the following question:


What’s your favourite neighborhood to explore on a BIXI?


The draw will take place on May 20, at noon. Have your answers in before then. We can’t wait to read them!


The Fizz team.


  • PF_Ref_D2U9A
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    Good initiative! Too bad, I am not living in Montreal.

  • mimillenium
    mimillenium Code de référence/Referral code: XKTXBPosts: 34

    I love to explore my own neighborhood: Côte-des-neiges and NDG 😍

  • pepsi
    pepsi Posts: 12

    Montreal downtown!

    Love bixi!

  • Carlouette22
    Carlouette22 - Referal code 39P4T Posts: 5

    Rosemont, petite partie, Parc Jarry!! 😀

  • Nana31
    Nana31 Posts: 1

    Parc Jarry assurément très bel endroit pour le vélo!

  • Mataze
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  • msouid
    msouid Posts: 1,421

    Lachine for sure 😀

  • When will the results be posted?

  • StefanM
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    Montreal Downton, Mont-Royal and Westmount :)

  • Canal lachine and Verdun

  • pepsi
    pepsi Posts: 12


    The winners is...?

  • Ludologue
    Ludologue Posts: 35

    Si jamais le concours est toujours en cours (vu que les gagnant·e·s n'ont pas été annoncé·e·s)

    Donc ma réponse est : Plateau-Mont-Royal pour aller voir toutes les murales :)

  • antho
    antho Posts: 7

    Plateau mont royal!

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
    Andrei_ref_R7VK1 Referral code ⭐ R7VK1 ⭐Posts: 155

    From Lachine to Dorval along the river

  • EricPD
    EricPD code de référence: WPKYDPosts: 98

    the contest is over, I won a Bixi subscription!

  • Poppeye
    Poppeye Posts: 9

    Nice gift for people who live in Montreal! Easier to travel the city in a BIXI than a car ! 😂😂

  • gilchrma
    gilchrma Posts: 3

    NDG & St-Henri!

  • zaun
    zaun Posts: 1
    edited June 8


    Great news

  • around Old Port

  • Natt
    Natt Posts: 238

    Thank you good idea

  • Nicolas514
    Nicolas514 Posts: 42

    Hochelaga Mercier Maisonneuve, such a beautiful neighborhood

  • AnieKouni
    AnieKouni Posts: 1

    Atwater market 🥰

  • Dam007
    Dam007 Posts: 2

    Je serais venu, mais j'habite pas a Montréal. Dommage

  • achraf Z.
    achraf Z. Posts: 1

    Really nice to be offering Bixi memberships! I highly recommend biking around Outremont/Mile-End. Super beautiful and many unique shops to discover!

  • Nicolas514
    Nicolas514 Posts: 42

    oh im too late

  • PTD
    PTD Posts: 10

    Mont Royal🤩

  • Décidemment le Plateau Mont-Royal

  • Vasiok

    Ohh, I missed this deal!

  • Mehdi_24
    Mehdi_24 Posts: 10

    Mont Royal of course

  • RexNewton
    RexNewton Posts: 24

    I missed the contest :( I hope you guys are bringing it back next year hihihi