Internet down and no support part 2

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My internet went down yesterday at 5pm. Everything at home is working, but the fizz modem only has the Download button flashing. No upstream or downstream.

i have no way of contacting support since the website just barely works on my iPhone and the chat button just does nothing. After tethering my pc and iPad, I finally managed to start an iMessage session, but it takes them hours to respond there. Yes even with the the ring, I cannot get to chat from my MacBook.

very frustrated as I am all out of options and the internet which is a critical service these days has been out for almost a day and I am no where closer to solving the issue. Just trying to schedule a service call has taken all of the past 12 hours and even that is not done yet.

I have tried restarting the modem, leaving it off for 5 min and then starting it again, to no avail and fizz says everything is good on their end.

what options do I have here?

now I got a response that all is good and my modem is down and discussion closed. why?

The very fact that my modem is down is the issue.

sorry, simply saying it looks good on my end and closing the discussion is not helpful. I was looking for something like: “here is how you can start a chat so you don’t have to wait hours for a response”.

how can Fizz’s only support channel not work over mobile? This seems like a critical flaw.

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    Hello Kouroche,
    I hope you are doing well!

    I'm sorry that your modem is offline at the moment, and I just verified the communication between you and Fizz. I noticed that you managed to request an appointment with a technician to verify your modem and resolve the situation. The chat session can be accessed on any device ( Computer, or mobile phone ) by going to any of our FAQs, for example,, by clicking the (?) question mark in the lower right corner and then on the (...) three dots which represent our live chat. 

    I closed the thread as I suggest that the conversation should be continued in private, on iMessage just to avoid losing key information in resolving the issue at hand. Also, I noticed that you mentioned you want to be contacted on the phone, however, we are a fully digitalized company, and our customer service is exclusively online, therefore, you will be contacted via one of our communication channels, depending on which one you decided with the agent you were speaking to.


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