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My internet went down yesterday at 5pm. Everything at home is working, but the fizz modem only has the Download button flashing. No upstream or downstream.

i have no way of contacting support since the website just barely works on my iPhone and the chat button just does nothing. After tethering my pc and iPad, I finally managed to start an iMessage session, but it takes them hours to respond there. Yes even with the the ring, I cannot get to chat from my MacBook.

very frustrated as I am all out of options and the internet which is a critical service these days has been out for almost a day and I am no where closer to solving the issue. Just trying to schedule a service call has taken all of the past 12 hours and even that is not done yet.

I have tried restarting the modem, leaving it off for 5 min and then starting it again, to no avail and fizz says everything is good on their end.

what options do I have here?

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    Hello Kouroche,
    I hope you are doing well. 

    I just took the time to verify your modem's signals and I noticed that your modem is indeed offline, however, you are not affected by any maintenance work. I noticed that you are also in contact with our customer service and I can assure you that we are doing our best to solve the situation as soon as possible. We are waiting for a response on iMessage, as we would like to keep the conversation going on only one channel of communication, to avoid losing important details. 


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