Can people still leave me voice messages while I travel abroad?

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If I have my phone with me outside of Canada or the US, then when people call my number, would they still be able to leave messages in my voicemail? How many? Would I be able to listen to those messages while still abroad? Thank you!

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    Hi @gianluca11

    Yes they will able to leave a voice mail, since your phone is not available, and it will the same if you are in Canada.

    Your voicemail has a 35 messages maximum capacity. Once this has been reached, people who are trying to reach you won’t be able to leave you a message you’ll receive a text message each time someone tries to leave you a message.

    You can listen them calling the 1-514-647-0999 and following the instructions

    A good reference


  • Josianne L. #38791
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    Yes, I confirm that what was said before works!

  • StefanM
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    Yes, I can confirm from first hand experience when I was home in Europe. People could leave me voice messages without any issues.

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    Hello @gianluca11, whenever a phone call cannot connect, the voicemail kicks in regardless of if the device is off, airplane mode, out of signal range, etc. An option you can try for traveling is to install a WIFI calling/texting app on your device and share that number with people or use call forwarding. Fizz does offer calling add-ons if you worry about missing important messages/calls.

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    Anyone tried to use the visual voicemail app when abroad?

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