Data roaming - does it ever work?

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I purchased a 1GB data roaming package so that I could have minimal connectivity in England.

The package simply does not work.

I managed to connect for about 20 minutes. The rest of the time I connect to mobile networks but with no data - so it is entirely useless. I will be asking Fizz for a refund, but, more importantly, would appreciate it if Fizz could get its act together and implement proper data roaming.

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  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @RGS

    Did you enabled the data roaming?

    Do you have the network selection configured in automatic?

    The steps for enabling your phone to automatically choose a network vary depending on the type of phone. Here are two examples:

    Android: Settings → Connections → Mobile networks → Network operators → Search networks → Automatic/Fizz

    iPhone:   Settings → Operators → Automatic/Fizz

    You can also try to connect to a specific operator

    Do you still have data ?

    Did you check the APN?

    You can chat in direct

       •   Sign into your account

        •    Follow the link on this page:

       •   Wait 3 seconds for the green bubble with a '❔' appears at the bottom right of the browser, if you use a phone you must use it in desktop or horizontal mode

       •   Choose the option 💬 chat

       •   If the green bubble does not appear make sure your ad blocker is disabled, otherwise try with another browser.

    Other means of contact

    Whatsapp: (438) 393-5814

    By private message on Twitter:

    By private message on Facebook:


  • Whizz
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    Hello RGS,

    I am sorry for the situation encountered with your mobile data.
    Have you tried the steps provided by Jessy_ref_i88b6  ?
    If the situation still persists, in order for us to help further and find a solution, I kindly invite you to contact us in private. Here you can find how to reach us:

    Thank you, have a great day!

  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9
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    Hello @RGS, some suggestions (some duplicates from others)

    • enable roaming on your device, for calls and data
    • switch between automatic and manually selecting a mobile network
    • unsure about in England but sometimes it is more reliable to connect on 3G networks vs LTE/4 G when roaming
    • reboot your device
    • select the factory APN settings (but do not delete the Fizz APN)

    Post results that were successful for you, as a helpful tip for others.

  • Hemnuel
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    Hello @RGS

    Hope all the steps above helped you. I went to Ireland and got kind of the same problem you mentioning, sometimes you can try manually to connect to others available networks to see if you get any Data connection ( of course Roaming has to be allowed :-) )

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