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Internet down am I the only one?

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  • Did that, wondering if I'm alone

  • Did that, wondering if I'm alone

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    On my side everything is in perfect condition, so I imagine that if there's a problem, it's located in a specific area.

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    Happen to me the other day. Reset your modem, usually it helps.

    Sometimes there are updates and you need to set up your modem again.

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    Hello Yonkodelanight, 

    Thank you for reaching out to us. 

    As I verified your account, I noticed that the plan is active and in good standing, there are no maintenance works being carried out in your area. The modem is online and provides proper speeds and signals.

    I kindly suggest you contact us on live chat, so we can be able to help you further. 

    You can chat with an agent directly 24/7 using our live chat function. To contact us on the live chat you have to go to any of our FAQs and click the (?) in the lower right corner of the screen. Once you do that you will have to click on the (...) three dots which represents our live chat function.

    Thank you for your kind understanding. 
    I wish you a great day. :) 

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