Some friends just ordered and paid the SIMs online....

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And they will get it after the end of 40+40 promotion on March 31.

Are they gonna get still the 40+40 ? or the new promo coming April 1st.

Thank you

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    Hello kokoboko,

    I kindly inform you that the promotion of the 40$ referral bonus was available until March 31st. 

    However, your friend still can subscribe and use the referral code. 

    The usual amount for the referral bonus is $25 for both the Fizz member and the person they invite, but this amount can vary based on the activation date. More specifically:

    • for a mobile plan, the date at which the person who was invited activates their SIM card.
    • for a Home Internet plan, the date at which the person who was invited subscribed and chose their installation appointment.

    More useful information you can find here
    Thank you for your kind understanding. 

    I wish you a great day.


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    for the moment according to the information available on the platform, unless of course the current promotion is renewed or increased after tomorrow, if the SIM card is activated by 31 March at the latest this will be the case. If the SIM card is not activated in time, then the promotion will not apply.

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    Hello @kokoboko, as someone else pointed out, the promotion requires that the new customer activate the plan by the end of March 31. If the SIM doesn't arrive in the mail early enough, you can buy a Fizz SIM in some Couch-Tard and perhaps other stores, the list of stores is somewhere on their website.

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