Would Fizz (Videotron/Quebecor) comment on rumours it will bid on Freedom Mobile

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Hello @Whizz, does Fizz (or Videotron or Quebecor) have any comment on rumours that Quebecor will bid on purchasing Freedom Mobile to expand the subscription area and Fizz Mobile service outside QC and the Ottawa area?

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    Hello @StefanM, I don't expect Fizz to comment, especially on a customer forum. I put it up to voice that it would be a good way for Quebecor to expand its mobile services and perhaps get back to offering competitive pricing. The change to the mobile plan offerings in January significantly reduced the incentive to join/remain a Fizz Mobile customer. The rewards program takes too long to earn any significant points balance, cudos to those with a high points balance but they spend a lot of time on this forum to collect those points, the average customer doesn't have that amount of time to dedicate to the effort.

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    Hello @Clive ,

    I hope you are doing well.

    Despite the rumors that are going around, there is currently no official information that was published on this topic, and I can assure you that all the concrete and reliable information will be posted on our website. Therefore, you can keep an eye on it if you want to find out the latest news 😎.




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    I don't think that employees of either Fizz or Videotron are at liberty to discuss this. As you yourself said, these are mere rumours and nothing is official yet. It hasn't even been officially announced that Rogers will have to spin-off Freedom Mobile (however, it is likely they will be required to do so). The only thing that has been official is that Quebecor (owner of Videotron and Fizz) has been bidding and purchasing a lot of frequency licences, especially  southern and eastern Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia, indicating that a 5G expansion into other provinces is on the horizon.

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    Yeah, I agree with you. Fizz significantly cut down on the incentives for members to join and/or stay with Fizz. When they implemented the changes in the forum, many long-term users actually stopped being active as it wasn't worth it anymore.

    At the beginning Fizz promised they would add more point-earning-options to the new forum, but I suspected that was just and empty promise and PR-tactic to counteract the critique of the forum user (believe me, there was a lot of it)

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    If Ontario can be deserve by Fizz it can be cool.

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