IPhone 13 pro max dual sim

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M'y question is . if i get a voice only service with my fizz account sim can I use my bell mobility unlimited sim for my data in the same phone as the second sim

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    thankyou for your help

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    Hello @Blackbooksupply , as others have pointed out, it is an issue of the phone features/functions. It seems you would be more technical than average but what are you trying to accomplish? Two phone numbers, one for work and other for personal, a virtual phone service on your Bell SIM for calling/texting...consider using only Bell if you need high amounts of mobile data and add a good calling/texting app for your primary or secondary phone number. I guess it depends on what you want to do and the costs.Best of luck.

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    I have a grand fathered plan with Bell for 20$ a month for 250/min voice and unlimited data . i want to use this sim for my data and use a fizz sim for my voice unlimited calls for 24$ a month

    Witch would.make it 44$ a month unlimited everything

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